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  1. Black Board Wine Glass Charms

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    There's been a-rumblings of extra sparkle here at Sparkle HQ for the past few weeks whilst we perfected our latest wine glass charm set.

    Finally, and with much excitement, we were able to reveal all yesterday when we launched our latest product....Blackboard Wine Glass Charms!

    Blackboard Charms













    We've put these in packs of 10 so you should always have a couple spare for smaller gatherings & it makes them easy to order for larger events. At just £22.95 per pack they include a box for storage & free delivery too!

    Made from gorgeous little wooden shapes, they are then coated with a blackboard covering & given a touch of sparkle with Swarovski crystals. The shapes currently are hearts, stars & daisies & we hope to add to these in the future. You can of course choose which colour Swarovski you would like from our house colours making them a truly unique set!

    The possibilities are endless so please do share your ideas with us! So far we have initial, numbers, pictures & shapes with ideas for using them as teacher gifts (we sell single organza bags which are perfect for dividing the set up if you wish), weddings & dinner parties. 

    Just scribe your chosen idea with ordinary blackboard chalk which can then be wiped off & re-used over & over again! We have Pentel wet erase chalk markers available which are semi waterproof so can be used for outdoor events (being semi permanent they are slightly harder to remove & may require non-bleach household cleaner).

    We hope you love these as much as we do & please do leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear your thoughts! (email addresses will not be shown publicly)

    Love & Sparkles xx

  2. More new designs now live!!

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    After so many special commission requests for sets of 6 featuring 2 initials, we've decided you really do deserve to have exactly what you want & have gone live with them!

    We hope it will mean you can order these sets without having to call/email/tweet us with your requirements & therefore make it much simpler for you. The drop down boxes on the product page cover everything we need to know to get these fabulous sets out to you in super fast time.

    Of course, you know we love a good natter though, so please do still call if you have any questions at all!!


    1st up is our a-Z Silver Alphabet Set which features a full circle of Swarovski with 4 matching droppers & 2 gorgeous silver letters. More details & to place an order by clicking here!


    Silver Initial Set

    Next up is our A-Z Indulgence Set......more sparkly than a sparkly sparkle! Click here for more details & to order!

    Indulgence Set

    As always we love your feedback, so leave any comments below (email address will not be published)



  3. New designs added!

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    Just released......our latest 3 designs!!

    All have been requested by you, our lovely customers & we're really pleased to be able to bring them to you in time for all the warm summer evenings ahead!

    Occasion Rocks - a full circle sparkly beauty available in 18, 21, 30, 40 & 50...perfect for anniversaries & special birthdays - £4.95 each with delivery included!

    Occasion Rocks Stem


    Silver Occasion Number Charm - a demi ring alternative....simply gorgeous - £3.45 each including delivery!

    Silver Occasion Stem


    Bearfeet - We LOVE this!! We've made this several times on special request & decided its just so gorgeous it needs to be part of our main collection. A mixture of feet & bears available assorted or in any colour from our House Swarovski Crystals £13.95 per set of 6 with free delivery!!

    Bearfeet Stem

    We hope you enjoy these as much as we do! Please feel free to leave a comment (your email address will not be displayed)

    Love & Sparkles xx

  4. Pearlesque - Our second addition this month!

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    WOW!! 2 new additions in one month?! Really? Yes you can believe your lucky stars!!


    Well, we're kinda figuring that December will be rather exciting with the arrival of the big fella & we didnt want him to outshine this little beauty so we thought we'd give her to  you a wee bit early!


    She is just divine & features Swarovski Crystals as well as Swraovski Pearls....romantic & dreamy..... *slushy sigh*


    At just £13.95 inclusive of delivery for a set of 6, we know you'll love her as much as we do. She's in stock now & ready for Christmas deliveries right up until 20th December.



    Pearlesque Stem LGE


    Let us know what you think in the comments (we promise not to publish your email address).


    Love & Sparkles xx

  5. Ice Drop - Our latest little stunner!

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    Drum roll *drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*


    Please put your hands to gether ladies & gentlemen & give a big warm welcome to our latest little stunner :-


    Ice Drop

    Ice Drop Stem

    The Swarovski crystal clear crystals catch every glimmer of light to reflect & twinkle around the base of your glass. The 'drop' of colour adds a twist & means each glass is easily identifiable.


    We hope you love her as much as we do. 


    Available now at just £13.95 inclusive of delivery so you can share the sparkle with all your friends & family this Christmas :)

    Love & Sparkles xx


    P.S We're certain she would love to hear some encouraging words so leave a little mesage in the comments (we wont show your email address).

  6. Latest Design Just Released!!

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    Hello Everyone!

    We just know you're going to love this little beauty as much as we do!!

    Pure Stem

    Its so classically simple but wow does it ever sparkle! So effective! We've called her Pure because thats exactly what she is......pure Swarovski Crystal!

    Pure Stem

    At the fabulous price of just £13.95 for a set of 6 delivered to your door you really cant go wrong!

    So what are you waiting for?

    We'd love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment for us below.

    Love & Sparkles

    Sunshine & Daisies xx

  7. Rock My World!

    Posted on

    Well as its a fabulously sparkly morning here at Sparkle HQ, we decided its the right time to release our latest little cracker!

    Please give a round of applause for ROCK MY WORLD!!!

    This beautiful Demi Charm is so simple yet so very effective & is our 1st charm design to feature a 6mm Swarovski 'rock'. The silver plated ring sets off the Swarovski crystal dropper magnificently, dont you agree?

    At just £12.95, inclusive of 1st Class postage & packaging, for a set of 6 assorted colours we expect this design to fast become a top seller.

    We would love to hear your comments so drop us a line won't you!

    Love & Sparkles

    Sunshine & Daisies xx