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Wine Glass Charms & How Can I Use Them For My Event?

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Wine Glass Charms & How Can I Use Them For My Event?

Wine Glass Charms & Sparkle for Weddings & Events!!
Wine glass charms are quite simply charms for wine glasses. They add a touch of glitz to your glass & add the final touches to your table décor. They can be colour themed to your entire event or mixed & matched for the latest vintage looks.
Wine glass charms have two main uses at weddings & events….the first as a table decoration & the second as a guest favour….or you can incorporate the two.
On The Rocks With Extra Ice
As Table Decorations
If your wedding breakfast or event menu has elements which are left on the table for guests to help themselves to, it can be difficult to effectively dress your tables without creating chaos. Wine glass charms placed on the glasses add decoration without taking up any more space & also bringing in the colour scheme already in place. If you are using candles or mirrors or have table lighting set up, the charms add another element of reflection without clutter.
As Guest Favours
If you want to give your guests a momentous gift, but want something a little different, the possibilities with wine glass charms are endless. First of all, decide if you want them on the glasses or in gift bags/boxes with the table settings. Next, who do you want to have them? Everyone? Just the ladies? Would you like different styles to identify each person at the table or maybe 2 styles to separate the boys & the girls? Or maybe 1 style all round that completely encompasses the different elements of your scheme?
Whatever you choose, you can be sure your wine glass charms will spark a little memory of your magical day long after the day itself is over.

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