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Wine Glass Charms & The Blues

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We've just completed our final wedding order of this month & had a momentary feeling of the blues. Not usual for us, granted...we're generally a smiley, happy & sparkly bunch! We realised we feel like this every time we finish an event order & today we put our fingers on just why that is.....its like the holiday blues or Christmas being over or a fabulous weekend coming to an end.

We've got used to our daily orders coming & going as they're very much the bread & butter of why we're here so its not so hard to wave goodbye to the little packages as they leave. The event orders are slightly different as there's so much involved with them.

We usually spend a lot of time in the beginning liasing with the party planner or bride & it can take 100's of emails & calls before we have finalised all the finer details. If we need to order in a non stock colour or a particular charm, its so exciting waiting with bated breath for the parcel! FINALLY, we begin work on the order itself (& this can sometimes be months after the initial chats) so by this time, we're quite attached the little sparkly fellas as they appear in front of us!!

We then wrap & pack & get everything ready to which point....the blues kick in. You know the ones...the excited happy yay ones when something fantabulous has taken place, but you also know its now over.

So, as well as sharing with you a little of our behind-the-scenes, we've decided that in order for us to 'heal' after an event or wedding, we'll also share with you a few pics of our sparkles before they leave for their big adventure.

Todays order is a colour chosen by the bride to match her colour theme....Swarovski Indigo Blue with a special single Rose Pink & we think its absolutely stunning........

We love hearing your comments, so do feel free to leave one right here!

Love & Sparkles

Sunshine & Daisies xx

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