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Spring Madness Competition

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Welcome to our Spring Madness - Count The Crystals Competition!


Our 1st comp of 2012 and we've made it incredibly simple to enter if you would like to win a set of Themed Demi Wine Glass Charms!!

Just take a look at the 3 images below....each shows an identical number of crystals tumbling from the champagne glass.

All you have to do is guess the correct number...simples!!

Here come the carefully :)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


To enter, just pop your answer in the comments box below!

The winner will receive a set of Themed Demi Wine Glass Charms of their choice totally free of charge!!

You'll need to enter your email address so we can contact you if you win, but don't worry it wont be shown on the site.

The competition closes at midnight on 31st March 2012. The winner will be announced on our News & Gossip section here on the site on Monday 2nd April so pop back then to see if you've won.

The winner will be the person who correctly guesses the number of crystals in & falling out of the glass. Only 1 entry per person & if there is a tie we will pop the names of all the correct entries & draw one out. 

If you're on Facebook, please pop across and like us for competition updates...just click below to go straight to our page:-


And if you love our charms please vote for us here:-

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Good Luck & Happy Guessing! xx

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  1. Miki

    The competition is now closed! Thanks a million for all the entries. Check out the winner in our blog post of 2nd April 2012

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  2. Emm


    Posted on

  3. Jaya Laxmi


    Posted on

  4. debs

    1333 in total or 'just tumbling out of the glass 721 :)

    Posted on

  5. Mother Hen

    I'm thinking 811... What a fun competition!

    Posted on

  6. Diane Gibbs

    1050 (you really gonna count them?!!)

    Posted on

  7. Tracey Berry


    Posted on

  8. Paula Baron


    Posted on

  9. Azra Dedic


    Posted on

  10. Dolphin lizzie


    Posted on

  11. Julia

    901 definitely spotted that extra one lol xx

    Posted on

  12. kelly

    well its 3500 u can stop now everyone i have defo got this one o.m.g lol how hard is that

    Posted on

  13. Tara

    I think 706 ? x

    Posted on

  14. Miriam Hurley

    8052 obviously xx

    Posted on

  15. Nicola

    2053 ??

    Posted on

  16. Tina


    Posted on

  17. Patricia

    I'd say 1534

    Posted on

  18. Alison Etherington


    Posted on

  19. Susan Broad

    2325 i hope :)

    Posted on

  20. Jules rothery

    Mmmm......well, I ran out of fingers and toes soooooo I think 1267

    Posted on

  21. Lucy Stevens


    Posted on

  22. RUTH

    I guess 1550

    Posted on

  23. virginia

    my guess is 2387

    Posted on

  24. Emma

    I think there's 1999 x

    Posted on

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