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Black Board Wine Glass Charms

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There's been a-rumblings of extra sparkle here at Sparkle HQ for the past few weeks whilst we perfected our latest wine glass charm set.

Finally, and with much excitement, we were able to reveal all yesterday when we launched our latest product....Blackboard Wine Glass Charms!

Blackboard Charms













We've put these in packs of 10 so you should always have a couple spare for smaller gatherings & it makes them easy to order for larger events. At just £22.95 per pack they include a box for storage & free delivery too!

Made from gorgeous little wooden shapes, they are then coated with a blackboard covering & given a touch of sparkle with Swarovski crystals. The shapes currently are hearts, stars & daisies & we hope to add to these in the future. You can of course choose which colour Swarovski you would like from our house colours making them a truly unique set!

The possibilities are endless so please do share your ideas with us! So far we have initial, numbers, pictures & shapes with ideas for using them as teacher gifts (we sell single organza bags which are perfect for dividing the set up if you wish), weddings & dinner parties. 

Just scribe your chosen idea with ordinary blackboard chalk which can then be wiped off & re-used over & over again! We have Pentel wet erase chalk markers available which are semi waterproof so can be used for outdoor events (being semi permanent they are slightly harder to remove & may require non-bleach household cleaner).

We hope you love these as much as we do & please do leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear your thoughts! (email addresses will not be shown publicly)

Love & Sparkles xx

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