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Free Sparkles Anyone?

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Free sparkles? Really? Yes! Really!

We have an exciting new brochure host opportunity for our fabulous customers or indeed anyone familiar with our gorgeous products! The brochure contains many new items not available via the website & all you have to do is request a pack!

Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

It's kind of like having an 'At Home' party except you don't have the outlay of the nibbles & drinks & the frustration when 20 invited friends turns out to be 4!! How many times has that happened to us all!! Grrrrr!


The pack has a few brochures & several order forms in it & all you have to do is give them to your friends & family in the playground, in the staff room, at toddler group, over coffee, in fact anywhere you meet up with people!! It really is that easy! 


We've been trialling this the past few weeks & the feedback so far is that our Brochure Hosts have all been amazed at how easily the products sell themselves & how quickly they have turned the sales into free products with very little effort! 


We recommend you book your pack for 2 weeks so that you have time to hand them out as many times as you can and if you would like them longer, just let us know! Once we receive your pack & orders back, we ship everything back to you to distribute, including of course your lovely free sparkles!



Your friends & family are super delighted & you gain all the host rewards of an 'At Home' party, without any of the hassle!! It really is simples!

Get in touch for more info on the rewards structure & to book your brochure date!

Love & Sparkles xx

P.S For Christmas deliveries, last brochures will need to be back by 8th December so please bear this in mind when booking your date!

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  1. pat dougan

    Hi I'm interested !

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  2. Miki

    Hi Alexia! That's fabulous!! More information is on it's way!! xx

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  3. Alexia

    Hi, I'm interested!

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