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    We featured on The Wedding Stationer's Husband today & thought we'd share the article with you....

     I hope we can show you a few different options for your bridal wedding gifts.
    Firstly, I guess we better start with what we do best! Wine Glass Charms…not everyone knows what they are or what to do with them so quite simply they are charms for wine glasses. If you’ve ever been to dinner party where the host was using them, you’ll remember straight away! They’re brilliant for providing a talking point, not to mention having the added benefits of identifying everyone’s glass. You can do this by colour, design or dropper….endless possibilities. I’m very lucky to have a lovely spacious kitchen/diner so when we have guests over, we eat & entertain in the same room. My wine glass charms are all black & crystal clear as my decor is black, white & silver. I have each charm slightly differently designed so each guests glass has its own identity and my decor is complemented whether we’re standing around nattering or seated at the table. Mr WGC & I use them even if its just us having a cheeky glass on a Friday evening…..they just add a touch of twinkly sparkle to the glass and lets face it, there’s always room for something that makes you smile!

    When choosing wine glass charms for your bride & groom, you can pick a colour to complement their home decor or you can go with a design thats differently coloured and suits their style. Either way, you know you’re giving a gift thats unique, personally chosen & an everyday reminder to the couple of their magical day.

    We also have a range of gifts for the bridal party, all individually made using Crystallized Swarovski Elements.
    For the bride, we have beautiful ‘Something Blue’ heart charms. They arrive with an organza ribbon in ivory or blue, whichever you prefer, & have so many uses. We have brides who have wrapped them around the stem of their bouquet, had them woven into their hair & even had the ribbon replaced with a chain to wear as a necklace….we can do this for you of course & even provide matching earrings!. Another option is to remove the ribbon & stitch the charm to the brides garter….all you need is imagination!

    The heart charms are also available in other colours so a bride may wish to choose different keepsake charms for her female bridal guests…..something unique for bridesmaids….they’re beautiful hung where the light will catch the facets & send twinkles all round the room.
    We also stock a range of bookmarks which make beautiful gifts for everyone. We always have Swarovski Hearts & Flowers & have limited edition ranges of various other Swarovski Charms. They all come gift boxed & we can add a personal card if you wish. There’s also a collection of very reasonably priced mobile charms & bookmarks with different tibetan silver droppers set below Swarovski crystals in the colour of choice.
  2. Wine Glass Charms & How Can I Use Them For My Event?

    Wine Glass Charms & Sparkle for Weddings & Events!!
    Wine glass charms are quite simply charms for wine glasses. They add a touch of glitz to your glass & add the final touches to your table décor. They can be colour themed to your entire event or mixed & matched for the latest vintage looks.
    Wine glass charms have two main uses at weddings & events….the first as a table decoration & the second as a guest favour….or you can incorporate the two.
    On The Rocks With Extra Ice
    As Table Decorations
    If your wedding breakfast or event menu has elements which are left on the table for guests to help themselves to, it can be difficult to effectively dress your tables without creating chaos. Wine glass charms placed on the glasses add decoration without taking up any more space & also bringing in the colour scheme already in place. If you are using candles or mirrors or have table lighting set up, the charms add another element of reflection without clutter.
    As Guest Favours
    If you want to give your guests a momentous gift, but want something a little different, the possibilities with wine glass charms are endless. First of all, decide if you want them on the glasses or in gift bags/boxes with the table settings. Next, who do you want to have them? Everyone? Just the ladies? Would you like different styles to identify each person at the table or maybe 2 styles to separate the boys & the girls? Or maybe 1 style all round that completely encompasses the different elements of your scheme?
    Whatever you choose, you can be sure your wine glass charms will spark a little memory of your magical day long after the day itself is over.