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» Listings for April 2011

  1. So today marks the day of the beginning of our email newsletters!! How very exciting!!

    The very 1st one left HQ at 9.30am & we're hoping to make this a regular thing. The jury is still out on whether we do it monthly or quarterly so todays one went out as a Spring newsletter.....if you have an opinion on this, we'd love to hear it so please do comment away below!

    We'll only be sending this to current & past clients, but if you'd like to be on the mailing list & haven't quite got round to shopping with us just yet....never fear! We will of course add you to the mailing list....just email us at [email protected] with your preferred email address & we'll include you from then on!

    Love & Sparkles

    Sunshine & Daisies xx

  2. We are so excited to announce that our 1st ever Limited Edition set of 6 is now available!!

    Inspired by the lovely cupcake sellers on Twitter, we decided there was a need for a set of charms suitable for all those lovely ladies out there. How many times have you been to a Pampered Chef style party or a lunchtime gathering with tea & cake & sometimes the odd small glass of wine? We can count more than a dozen here!!! (and thats in the last few weeks!)

    We usually recommend our dragonflies or butterflies for this purpose as they're delicate & apt for the occasion, but the time had arrived for a set designed with this market specifically in mind. And so the Vintage Tea Party has arrived!!

    We hope you love them as much as we do and don't forget...there's only 50 available!! They all come in Limited Edition packaging & will be numbered inside. Hurry now!!

    Love & Sparkles

    Sunshine & Daisies xx